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Beijing AIMan Data Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, focusing on various big data application of the pan entertainment industry. AIMan Data is an innovative Internet company which is committed itself to combining high-tech and creative cultural industry, and we aim at using science and technology to lead entertainment. AIMan Data has strong technical strength and has obtained plenty of independent intellectual property rights and core technologies in the field of natural language processing, data mining, etc. AIMan Data becomes the first company that develops and applies technical innovations in the entertainment big data industry. Meanwhile, AIMan Data is also an advocate and industry benchmark of effective data. Truth and fairness are our core value.

AIMan Data jointly produced “Tencent Entertainment White Paper” with Tencent for 5 years. In 2018, AIMan Data joined hands with Sina Weibo to publish “2018 Weibo Fans White Paper”, in which we exclusively provide third-party entertainment big data support for Sina Weibo. As Toutiao’s exclusive big data partner, AIMan Data and Toutiao jointly published “2018 Jinri Toutiao Entertainment White Paper”. Moreover, AIMan Data also builds an exclusive strategic partnership with Baidu Baike, whose information about celebrities all comes from AIMan Data. AIMan Data also cooperates with people.com and becomes the exclusive big data partner of “People.com-Star Rankings”. In addition, it provides exclusive data to Global Times for its Global Culture & Entertainment Ceremony and data support to CCTV-2 for its Dialogue. Now, AIMan Data has become the first choice of a lot of media and advertisers for entertainment big data.

AIMan Data’s customers also include a number of international brands such as P&G, Coca-Cola, HUAWEI, Adidas, Audi,TOYOTA, etc.. AIMan Data provides them with various data services, including big data decision-making support, spokesman screening, negative comment monitoring, target audiences profile analysis, offline marketing promotion data analysis and marketing strategies support. Now, AIMan Data has become a widely recognized data service provider for advertisers.

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