indexes of customized report for artists

artist hotness tracking evaluation

  • ·active fans number trend
  • ·artists online hotness rankings
  • ·media exposure trend
  • ·online heated discussion trend
  • ·online hot searches trend

artists reputation tracking evaluation

  • ·overall positive ratio
  • ·multidimensional positive and reference ratio
  • ·discussion hot words
  • ·positive/negative reputation assessment
  • ·artists tagging

artists commercial endorsement effect evaluation

  • ·commercial value index
  • ·endorsement deals’ amount/name/type
  • ·momentum contribution to previous endorsement deals
  • ·brand hotness change before/after endorsement
  • ·artist hotness change before/after endorsement
  • ·brand positive ratio/top words/positive/negative reputation change before/after endorsement
  • ·positive ratio/top words/positive/negative reputation change before/after endorsement

fans audience analysis

  • ·gender distribution
  • ·age distribution
  • ·regional distribution
  • ·interest tags

artists films and television works evaluation

  • ·works amount/name/character/award
  • ·works audience rating/internet playback/box office
  • ·works audience rating/internet playback/box office
  • ·momentum contribution to previous works
  • ·character reference and positive ratio
  • ·performance in previous works

artists pro-fans and anti-fans evaluation

  • ·percentage and increase/decrease trend of artists’ pro-and anti-fans
  • ·artists pro-and anti-fans attributes analysis
  • ·one artist’s anti-fans are another’s pro-fans
  • ·one artist’s pro-fans are another’s anti-fans
  • ·entertainment content followed by artists’ pro-and anti-fans

artists brand congruence analysis

  • ·fans gender structure comparison of artists and brands
  • ·fans age structure comparison of artists and brands
  • ·fans regional structure comparison of artists and brands
  • ·fans interest tags comparison of artists and brands

artist fashion influence evaluation

  • ·magazine lists with artists’ shots
  • ·comments and media data of artists’ street snaps and taste of clothes
  • ·fashionable and street snaps of artists

specific channels hotness analysis

  • ·frequency/content/discussions of boarding on Weibo hot searches list
  • ·Weibo topics repost/like/comment number
  • ·article lists spread by medias (including media names)
  • · article lists spread by WeChat official account (including release source)
  • ·Baidu post bar/forums posts and follower number
  • ·ZHIHU, DOUBAN and other professional medias

customized reports variables list of artists

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